5 Helpful Trainings for Aspiring Health Coaches

Starting a business is hard work. The time,energy,and money that goes into a dream that you believe in can feel like it can make or break you. Late nights, blog posts, social medial planning, and time spent researching can leave you longing for your 9-5 back,but I am here to encourage you not to give up. Working through this process has been the most frustratingly sweet challenge that I have encountered within my 28 years on this planet.

First things first, as a wellprenuer you receive a ton of information from a billion different resources at all times. Promises of building your e-mail list from 0 to 1,000,000 in 30 days, ways to make $1M dollars in one year, or the invitation to pay a small fee of $3,000 to join a Facebook group all marinate in your mind, and leave you wondering which way is the right way to go. Let me also say that this post is not sponsored in any way shape or form. I truly want to inform starting out Health Coaches

the most helpful training’s that I have attended and what I decided to spend my hard earned money on.

Check out the top 5 Training’s that have decreased my stress levels, and reduced my state of overwhelm. All of these programs offer free and paid for resources- so they can fit for any sized budget.

1. Marie Forleo “How to Start a Business with No Money or Tech Knowledge”: This is awesome informational video that gives you the foundation on how to start a business with what you currently  know or have. Marie sends out consistent e-mails with free resources on how to motivate yourself toward success, and actionable tools and tips that you can put to use right away. She also offers  B-School Training Programs which are definitely worth your time and investment. She is highly rated, down to earth,and professional.

2. Jenna Kutcher “5X Your Traffic Using Pinterest”: This webinar helped me tap into the power of the mega search engine of Pinterest. Jenna offers information on how wellprenuers are missing out on clients on this social media platform and provides information on how you can get started today creating a Pinterest for business purposes. The webinar is interactive and allows participants to answer questions. For more in depth training she offers a self- paced Pinterest Lab Class for a affordable rate. These tools are great for beginners wanting to gain a larger Pinterest audience.

3. Hilary Rushford “Instagraming with Intention”: Hilary offers a informative and interactive webinar that walks you through the minefield that is Instagram. She gives tips on everything from how to construct your bio to monetizing your Instagram. I actually paid for this self paced training class. I believe it was well worth the money. My Instagram following has increased which has increased more traffic to my website (win,win).

4. Tailwind’s Training: free training on how to use Tailwinds’s. Learn multiple ways to automate your social media,which gives you more time to create.

5. Shannan Monson’s “How to Take Amazing iPhotos”: Shannan is super down to earth. The way she introduces herself is enough to make you want to listen. She takes your average Joan like myself  and gives step by step instructions on how to take great photos with your iphone. This is a good webinar for any wellprenuer who loves to take food and lifestyle photos.

Sound off! Tell me what training’s were the most helpful when you started off as a blogger or entrepreneur. Let’s get some tips on how we can all help each other through this crazy thing called entrepreneurship.


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Health Coach In Motion

I am so excited to share my health coaching journey and health + wellness articles with everyone! I finally published my first heath related article about 5 Simply Sweet Sugar Alternatives and I would love some feedback!

Some awesome things that have occurred while getting my business up and running:

  1. I have started to get more of a following on Instagram, and more engagement from followers. I did this by sticking to a self created Social Media schedule. The schedule outlines the 3 Social Media avenues that I am focusing on and action items to get them completed. I plan on sharing this with everyone on the future via webinar.
  2. I am learning so much awesome information from free webinars, and I even paid for a class called Instagram with Style by @HilaryRushford. I find that with being a new entrepreneur you can never get enough solid information. I attend three 60 minute webinars a week. Knowledge is power.
  3. I created a website that I am very proud of and I have changed it four times. I am constantly thinking of ways to make my members experience better- and I love working on this every day.

Some things that I would advise others to do differently would be:

  1. Be picky about which webinars that you choose! Not all webinars are made equal. Read reviews, research the coach, and plan your time wisely. Don’t feel obligated to buy, and find a coach that you relate to on a personal level.
  2. Don’t get wrapped up in the social media hype. Everyone struggles with this. Followers are not your value or self worth. If someone wants to unfollow you and leave your tribe- it’s all good, you want the people who want to listen.
  3. Learn about Pinterest. There is so much opportunity out there about using this tool. It’s so different from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I took a webinar by @JennaKutcher and it was awesome and informative- she offers a course called the Pinterest Lab. It is definitely worth your time.

Sound off! Tell me what you struggle with as a blogger or entrepreneur. Let’s get some tips on how we can all help each other.


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Ready. Set. Health Coach? – Update

” They call us dreamers, but we’re the ones who don’t sleep”

My goodness, it has been such a long time since my last post. I want to give a short update on the current state of my life and how my venture into health coaching has been going.

First things first. I am now currently 8 months pregnant, and am starting to feel the wrath of fatigue. For the past month and a half, I have been working 40+ hours a week, while studying for my Health and Wellness Coaching certification for 5-6 hours a day Monday- Friday. I am glad to say that I am 75% of the way there. Most importantly, I feel like I have absorbed so much new information in regards to healthy practices and health trends in the U.S. that even if I were not to start my own business- I have gained so much.

Second. I received another promotion at work. I will now be a Area Sales & Operations manager over two locations! I was able to hire 4 new employees (who are doing awesome), and have finally found time to actually use my free Pilates membership through my company to work out. Work life balance has never been better.

Lastly, after many napless afternoons and late nights, my website for my first business venture is up and running! AHH! I can not hold in my excitement. I have been talking about it with everyone I know.  It is geared towards Health & Wellness Coaching for Brides and individuals who are looking for guidance to prepare for special life events. I am so proud of the content and the meaning behind this. Helping others transition through life phases has always been a passion of mine, and to be able to live out my dreams is unreal. Even if you don’t fall into those categories please feel free to join my mailing list and grab my 5 Day Clean Eating Guide as my gift to you for reading this.

I plan to blog more about my challenges about being a small business owner and how I am overcoming these roadblocks. Stay Tuned.



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No Longer Working for the Weekends

“When people go to work, they shouldn’t leave their hearts at home.”

I started my day at 4:30am. I haven’t been able to sleep very well as my pregnancy progresses, so I tend to start my day at unfathomable hours. As I sat in my bed I could not helping thinking about how truly blessed I am. I don’t want to sound cliche, but I have truly come so for from where I was even three months ago. When I came here with no job prospects, or any friends locally, I had a lot of time to spend learning about myself. I decided that I was going to make the conscious choice to start doing more things that I liked versus doing things that I thought other people liked me to do. Now let me explain, for a large portion of my life I followed “the rules,” and worked hard at trying to be what I thought would make other people happy. I spent 7 years running track in middle school and high school because that made my Dad happy, I went to college and became a business major because I thought that being in corporate America and having a rock solid job would make my Mother happy, and even I took a job that I was not to thrilled about because I though that’s what would make my husband happy. I was morphing into someone who hated waking up on Sundays, and would be physically sick by Monday, and would just pray to make it to Fridays. Having to put on the facade that I had everything together was getting hard, and I knew that now that I was going to become a Mom myself that I would be telling my own child to take sometime out to think about what he truly loved to then to just do it- I knew deep down in my heart that I needed to be a better example to my future son, and I needed to learn how to do it sooner rather than later.

So, what would be the next logical step? At the time for me it was getting a job and working 50+ hours a week, and then freelancing my marketing skills on the side. I joined two Bible study groups in order to invite some conversation in my life and hopefully to make friends, and I also took on two completing to health online certifications as well. I have never been busier than I have been now, but I am happier than I had ever been. I wouldn’t trade my new hodge podge life for all of the money or high power executive jobs in the world. My parents always ask me when I am going to take a rest- and my answer to them is that when you find something that you are passionate about you wake up thinking about it, and you can’t help but be excited about seeing where the day will take you. I am nearing 28 weeks pregnant and am showing no signs of slowing down (well maybe slowing down walking up and down the stairs) I have a fire in me that has not been lit in so long, and I have to keep pushing.

No more are the days of dreading Mondays, crying in the car, or coming home and falling asleep at 6:00pm. There’s a new woman in “town” and I think I like her more and more each day.




Ready. Set. Health Coach?


“Some days it storms, some days it shines. This is how flowers grow” – Mazadohta

Hey There!

It has been quite a while since I have written on my blog. What have I been up to since then ? Well for starters, I moved across the country, bought a new home, will become a mom this February, and have traded in my regular 9-5 for managing boutique fitness studios. I would have never thought in a million years that I would be on the brink of starting all over again, when I was under the impression that I had everything figured out.

Upon my arrival in my new home in Alabama, I had no job prospects, no friends, and started my journey living in a hotel with my husband which was paid for my his work since we moved here due to his work promotion. Day after day for 3 weeks he would leave for work, and I would hit the pool with Koby (my dog) searching for a job opportunity. I spent hours upon hours replying to job postings. On day #13 I stumbled on a Sales Rep job for a fitness boutique that was very under my pay grade, but looked to have flexible hours and offered a free membership. I had no intention of ever accepting this role if offered it, but received a call 2 days later for an interview. I was hesitant to go in this direction for a career, and had to do some serious soul searching to see if I had the strength to start my career all over again. Here I was new in town, unemployed, and 16 weeks pregnant what was a girl to do? Well, I took the job- as crazy as it sounds, I declined two other offers, and took a chance on myself. Every day that I went to work, I did my “small” job to the best of my ability, I pitched marketing ideas, made membership sales, and to my suprise, 5 weeks later was offered a managerial position over 3 stores.

I wish I could tell everyone that I had this all planned out, or that I even knew which direction that I was going in right now. What I can say is that I have found what my heart truly loves. I love the fact that I get to trade in my business casual attire for a pair of Lululemon leggings and gym shoes, I love the fact that I see people come in every day and make a commitment to change the way that they live, I love that I have the opportunity to watch not only their pounds disappear, but their inhibitions and fears as well. This is a feeling that I can truly not describe. After speaking with my husband about what I had been feeling, and how watching others change has truly changed me, I enrolled in a Health & Wellness Coaching Program through AFPA. My new journey to create a secondary venture starts today, and I couldn’t be more excited that I have the oppurtunity to help others as an occupation.

I am interested in hearing more from current Health and Wellness Coaches, and eventually taking on clients of my own.  Follow me on my new journey to create FindingtheHappyHour Health & Wellness, and feel free to pitch in with any words of wisdom or guidance.

Cheers to us!


The Mindful Diet—Week Six: Notice and celebrate!) changes

“I challenge you to make your life a masterpiece. I challenge you to join the ranks of those people who live what they teach, who walk their talk.” -Tony Robbins
Happy Monday! I mean that in the most serious way. This Monday means a lot to me. I have finally completed the Yoga Journal Mindfulness Challenge. I can honestly say that it has truly jump started the beginning of my year. At the beginning of this challenge my goal was to lose weight, find a hobby, try some new recipes, and maybe start a blog that I could be proud of. Within the past six weeks I have not only learned ways to feed my body, but I fed my soul. As I take time to reflect on the past six weeks, I can tell you that I do not regret waking up at 5:30AM to start my days with some yoga or meditation. I do not regret starting to cook more meals at home. I do not regret thinking about all of the good things and people in my life to which whom I am eternal grateful and thankful for.
I used to think of myself as somewhat of a rain cloud. I used to wake up angry, I would blame other people for things that would go wrong, and sometimes I found it hard to be genuinely happy for others—when I was not seeing results. All of those things are
flat out spirit killers. You know that little voice in your head telling you things like “I was not smart enough”, or “I’m not flexible enough”, or “Shame on me that I did not have a plan for my life written out in stone” my soul would retreat a little.
Today, when I wake up, I am grateful to see another day because I know that so many people did not. When I drive on my way to work–I don’t just space out–I notice the little boy who starts at the bus stop everyday at 7:15AM waiting to start his day at school . I notice the sun–and say that even if the I am having the day from hell–that I still have the sun to be grateful for. I tell my husband that I love him everyday, not because I saw it in a movie or a magazine, but I now know that I need to show appreciation to the person who always believes in me when I don’t believe in myself. I accept my friends for who they are and their choices–not because I always think that they are right, but I realize that when you are truly at peace with yourself—you can just love others for who the are.
On the first day of this challenge I quit my job, changed careers and was undoubtedly  lost. I decided to do this challenge as a hobby just to pass time while I got acclimated to some of the changes in my life–but in turn realized that change is life. If we are not constantly changing, growing, learning, and helping others we are truly not living.
Cheers to the Mindfulness Challenge, and all good and tough times that it brought!
I am excited to see what I will come up with to challenge myself with next.