Today was my first day being an unemployed stay at home puppy mother—well at least until Monday.  I had grand plans of staying up until 2 am and conducting my own personal Netflix marathon, then waking up at 11am and making a large breakfast, but none of these events occurred today. I woke up at 5am to the wonderful sound of my husband’s e-mail alerts going off, and then began my day taking the dog outside in the foggy abyss for a walk. After tossing and turning until 7:30AM, it was clear to me from this point on that even though I had nothing to do, and nowhere to go today—I was finding it hard for to wind down—and that got me thinking about today’s post.  Why is it so hard for people to disconnect? I literally tried everything to remove myself for stress. I deleted my old work e-mail account; I turned my phone on silent, and cleared my schedule of any appointments; and yet I still could not take a deep breath in and then exhale out. Once I got in the parking lot for my yoga class, I debated with myself if I wanted to grab a pizza at the Little Cesar’s next door—but instead willed myself into the studio. As class began I felt myself going though those poses and doing the breathing exercises with ease. I felt strong, and disconnected from the outside world, but more in tune with my body and the nature around me then I had ever felt before. Now, I am not a yoga expert by any means. I am constantly working on my flexibility, and you won’t see a headstand coming from me any day soon—(in fact I did attempt one in my bedroom and it looked more like a tumble), but going to the mat today was the remedy—it was the cure.  I know that yoga is not for everyone, but I want to encourage anyone who is struggling to find sense of self to step onto the mat. I was not inspired in the studio today, but rather I got today’s inspiration in none other than Whole Foods. I know that sounds strange, but it is true. After eating my over-priced salad, I was walking out and noticed a set of baskets to my right. As I began to read I knew that they were not just any old baskets but they were Blessing Baskets (please see link below) the concept was made by a woman who considered herself ordinary, but in my opinion she had extraordinary ideas. Producing the baskets allow basket makers in 3rd world countries the opportunity to receive compensation for their work. The artists are paid above the normal fare trade prices, in hopes to move them out of poverty. Now, I know you will think how does this relate to yoga? Well throughout my practice I have learned that yoga isn’t about just stepping onto a mat, or doing headstands, or snapping pictures of yourself in your new Lululemon outfit (even though I love seeing all of those things occur). Yoga is a lifestyle. Yoga is a frame of mind. Yoga helps ordinary people like you and me to have extraordinary impacts on the world. So, the next time you are beating yourself up about missing a yoga class (which you should try not to because you will feel AWESOME after you attend), or eating that extra doughnut—Close your eyes, inhale, and then exhale and remember that you don’t need a mat to be mindful, and that sometimes the ordinary things that we see in life can inspire us to do extraordinary things.



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