The Mindfulness Diet: Managing Obstacles–Days 22-28

Happy Wednesday! The end of the work week is almost here. The past few days here in Michigan have been a beautiful 60 degrees, despite it being the middle of February. This past week has really reminded me that I have a lot to be grateful for– I can’t even believe that I was sad to actually see the sunset–it has been a very rewarding past few days. It feels like the weather not only brought out the animals, and plants return to some type of life–but all of there other Michiganders around me did as well. There were people riding their motorcycles, kids playing basketball in the streets, heck–I even saw someone in shorts–( which is pretty normal here because in Michigan once it  hits 50 degrees all clothing options are fair game). Watching everyone around me coming out of hibernation really got me thinking. Why do we wait for a “good” event to occur before we really start putting ourselves out there? Why did it take a nice day for me to get to meet my neighbors, or not look at Facebook twenty times ( or read the comments, which is a HUGE no no, but I can’t help myself), or even take my dog to the park.

I have come to the conclusion that some of the obstacles that we face on a day to day basis may not even be recognizable to us. That maybe we as “people” have gotten so accustomed to obstacles looking like a issue at work, or a break up, or a financial loss–that we are desensitized to the biggest obstacle which is ourselves. This week really helped me take a look at what I prioritize and how I handle stress in situations. In the past I have struggled with obstacle and stress management. Dealing with the combination of the two would typically cause me to have an anxiety attack or generally shut down–at one point I had even turned to prescribed medication to decrease the amount of migraines and anxiety. At the beginning of this year I decided that I was not going to let my poor obstacle management get the best of me, that while I was looking for external fixes. The only way that I was going to see change is by taking a look at what was going on within. I stopped taking the medication ( please consult your doctor–this was just a personal choice) and started a full self evaluation. I set a meeting with a life coach (which I would have never done in 50 billion years). I started practicing yoga again ( which I would always make excuses that I didn’t have the money to pay for–but would drop $90.00 at Ulta like it was no problem), and I decided to “put myself out there” by being more open and honest with the people closest to me. Actually listening to understand–not listening to give my own response, and by choosing to put my self care first ( because I am a firm believer that–it is difficult to help others, if you struggle to help/understand yourself). I can say this new way of living has not always been easy, but it has been truly rewarding. I still have a long way to go in terms on mindfulness and managing obstacles, but by deciding to get out of my own way–I have realized that I am in control, and that no obstacle is too big for me to handle the holistic way.

So when you find yourself struggling to hurdle over your next obstacle, remember to ask yourself this one question:


Cheers, and onward to Friday!



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