“My own prescription for health is less paperwork and more running barefoot through the grass”  ~Leslie Grimutter

Here we are again ready to start a new week, and getting towards the finish line of this Mindfulness Diet!

This week had a heavy focus on “having more fun with your food.” Now, when I personally think of having fun with my food my brain automatically wanders off to all of the amazing pasta, cake, and ice cream dishes that I view on my Instagram about 3o times a day- but in reality I am honestly not the best cook in the world, and after getting home for a long day of work the last thing that I want to do is create “fun” on my plate. So, before this challenge started I had received the idea from on of my work friends to try a 4 week cleanse. My friend had recently purchased and printed out the E-book for the challenge and arranged the recipes and tips in a beautifully kept white binder. Being the curious and impulsive individual I that I am read through the binder—and without considering what type of discipline that a “cleanse” really takes–declared at the top of my lungs to the world (aka: my husband, and dog) that I was going to be partaking in a meat free ( which is easy for me since I don’t eat meat), dairy free, gluten free 4 week challenge. So, I grabbed my fancy white binder, and list and proceed to hop in my car and run to the nearest grocery store.

While in walking in the grocery store I began contemplating my plan of action. I would work my way from the frozen section, and head toward the produce section. So as I am flinging items into my cart left and right, a banana here, a bag of frozen blackberries there, and not to mention all of the items that I had no idea where they were located– I mean do people really buy chia seeds every time they shop? And, if you were to ask me what turmeric was–I would probably before this challenge told you it was the type of algebra that you learned in the 11th grade.  After, navigating my cart like I was in the Indy 500 throughout the store–it was finally time to cash out. As the cashier loaded all of my items on to the belt, and I watched my total go higher and higher–the pat of the back that I thought I was going to give my self, turned more into a smack of the forehead. When I loaded all of the groceries into the house–and finally looked at all of my endeavors—I realized that I had no idea what I was going to eat. Literally, I was surrounded by food and overwhelmed. It had hit me that I didn’t want to eat beet soup, or not have eggs, and I sure didn’t want to give up a morning coffee. I then asked myself the age old question “Why can’t I have my cake and eat it too?” Who said that you can’t make a bomb ass quinoa salad one day and then have whole wheat pasta the next—I mean who makes the health rules… and I came to the conclusion that– I DO! We make our own rules, rather it be how you spend your time outside, what exercises that you like to do, who your friends are, or even who do you want to be.” I personally have found out in life that the times when I excel the most is when I take what I have learned from others or books, and put my own spin on things—seriously, when I don’t feel like I have a say on something–I may do it well, but I use less effort. So, I returned my friends white binder, headed to Google and looked up recipes on how to use the healthy ingredients that I bought and some of the foods that I liked to eat and started to work my magic in the kitchen, and I can honestly say that this is the first “diet” that I have been able to stick to because I had a say in what was going in my mouth. No, I don’t have cookies on my list–I don’t even have dairy at all–but that I was my choice and I can honestly say that I feel great. I have increased my water intake to 1 liter a day as well–and I have been slimming down, and fitting into my clothes from sophomore year of college. The main take away that I got from this week would be not to force anything in my life–don’t force diets, friendships, relationships, or ponytails–because honestly at the end of the day if you aren’t happy on whichever path that you are on–you are the only one who can change your direction.

Here’s to the week, may it be a awesome one indeed —Cheers!!







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