Ready. Set. Health Coach? – Update

” They call us dreamers, but we’re the ones who don’t sleep”

My goodness, it has been such a long time since my last post. I want to give a short update on the current state of my life and how my venture into health coaching has been going.

First things first. I am now currently 8 months pregnant, and am starting to feel the wrath of fatigue. For the past month and a half, I have been working 40+ hours a week, while studying for my Health and Wellness Coaching certification for 5-6 hours a day Monday- Friday. I am glad to say that I am 75% of the way there. Most importantly, I feel like I have absorbed so much new information in regards to healthy practices and health trends in the U.S. that even if I were not to start my own business- I have gained so much.

Second. I received another promotion at work. I will now be a Area Sales & Operations manager over two locations! I was able to hire 4 new employees (who are doing awesome), and have finally found time to actually use my free Pilates membership through my company to work out. Work life balance has never been better.

Lastly, after many napless afternoons and late nights, my website for my first business venture is up and running! AHH! I can not hold in my excitement. I have been talking about it with everyone I know.  It is geared towards Health & Wellness Coaching for Brides and individuals who are looking for guidance to prepare for special life events. I am so proud of the content and the meaning behind this. Helping others transition through life phases has always been a passion of mine, and to be able to live out my dreams is unreal. Even if you don’t fall into those categories please feel free to join my mailing list and grab my 5 Day Clean Eating Guide as my gift to you for reading this.

I plan to blog more about my challenges about being a small business owner and how I am overcoming these roadblocks. Stay Tuned.



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