Health Coach In Motion

I am so excited to share my health coaching journey and health + wellness articles with everyone! I finally published my first heath related article about 5 Simply Sweet Sugar Alternatives and I would love some feedback!

Some awesome things that have occurred while getting my business up and running:

  1. I have started to get more of a following on Instagram, and more engagement from followers. I did this by sticking to a self created Social Media schedule. The schedule outlines the 3 Social Media avenues that I am focusing on and action items to get them completed. I plan on sharing this with everyone on the future via webinar.
  2. I am learning so much awesome information from free webinars, and I even paid for a class called Instagram with Style by @HilaryRushford. I find that with being a new entrepreneur you can never get enough solid information. I attend three 60 minute webinars a week. Knowledge is power.
  3. I created a website that I am very proud of and I have changed it four times. I am constantly thinking of ways to make my members experience better- and I love working on this every day.

Some things that I would advise others to do differently would be:

  1. Be picky about which webinars that you choose! Not all webinars are made equal. Read reviews, research the coach, and plan your time wisely. Don’t feel obligated to buy, and find a coach that you relate to on a personal level.
  2. Don’t get wrapped up in the social media hype. Everyone struggles with this. Followers are not your value or self worth. If someone wants to unfollow you and leave your tribe- it’s all good, you want the people who want to listen.
  3. Learn about Pinterest. There is so much opportunity out there about using this tool. It’s so different from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I took a webinar by @JennaKutcher and it was awesome and informative- she offers a course called the Pinterest Lab. It is definitely worth your time.

Sound off! Tell me what you struggle with as a blogger or entrepreneur. Let’s get some tips on how we can all help each other.



🆕 Check out my Blog post : 5 Natural Alternative Sugar Substitutes

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