5 Helpful Trainings for Aspiring Health Coaches

Starting a business is hard work. The time,energy,and money that goes into a dream that you believe in can feel like it can make or break you. Late nights, blog posts, social medial planning, and time spent researching can leave you longing for your 9-5 back,but I am here to encourage you not to give up. Working through this process has been the most frustratingly sweet challenge that I have encountered within my 28 years on this planet.

First things first, as a wellprenuer you receive a ton of information from a billion different resources at all times. Promises of building your e-mail list from 0 to 1,000,000 in 30 days, ways to make $1M dollars in one year, or the invitation to pay a small fee of $3,000 to join a Facebook group all marinate in your mind, and leave you wondering which way is the right way to go. Let me also say that this post is not sponsored in any way shape or form. I truly want to inform starting out Health Coaches

the most helpful training’s that I have attended and what I decided to spend my hard earned money on.

Check out the top 5 Training’s that have decreased my stress levels, and reduced my state of overwhelm. All of these programs offer free and paid for resources- so they can fit for any sized budget.

1. Marie Forleo “How to Start a Business with No Money or Tech Knowledge”: This is awesome informational video that gives you the foundation on how to start a business with what you currently  know or have. Marie sends out consistent e-mails with free resources on how to motivate yourself toward success, and actionable tools and tips that you can put to use right away. She also offers  B-School Training Programs which are definitely worth your time and investment. She is highly rated, down to earth,and professional.

2. Jenna Kutcher “5X Your Traffic Using Pinterest”: This webinar helped me tap into the power of the mega search engine of Pinterest. Jenna offers information on how wellprenuers are missing out on clients on this social media platform and provides information on how you can get started today creating a Pinterest for business purposes. The webinar is interactive and allows participants to answer questions. For more in depth training she offers a self- paced Pinterest Lab Class for a affordable rate. These tools are great for beginners wanting to gain a larger Pinterest audience.

3. Hilary Rushford “Instagraming with Intention”: Hilary offers a informative and interactive webinar that walks you through the minefield that is Instagram. She gives tips on everything from how to construct your bio to monetizing your Instagram. I actually paid for this self paced training class. I believe it was well worth the money. My Instagram following has increased which has increased more traffic to my website (win,win).

4. Tailwind’s Training: free training on how to use Tailwinds’s. Learn multiple ways to automate your social media,which gives you more time to create.

5. Shannan Monson’s “How to Take Amazing iPhotos”: Shannan is super down to earth. The way she introduces herself is enough to make you want to listen. She takes your average Joan like myself  and gives step by step instructions on how to take great photos with your iphone. This is a good webinar for any wellprenuer who loves to take food and lifestyle photos.

Sound off! Tell me what training’s were the most helpful when you started off as a blogger or entrepreneur. Let’s get some tips on how we can all help each other through this crazy thing called entrepreneurship.


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